Blau Farmacêutica



Biotechnological or biological medications are the latest in the treatment of many diseases, of which we highlight cancer and immune system diseases (autoimmune).

Blau Farmacêutica has been operating in this segment since 1998 as the first pharmaceutical company in Brazil to produce a batch of biotechnological products in Brazil.

Blau Farmacêutica is currently dedicated to producing biotechnological or biological medications (also known as Biosimilars), as they are similar to reference products (innovative). The only difference between these products is in the fact of being developed and produced by companies different from those that developed the initial research, producing the original medications. This process of producing similar biotechnological/ biological products is only possible after the patents of the original developers have expired.

The production processes of the same medication can be different or present small variations in the components of the inactive formulation, that is, in the raw materials. For this reason, and the non-development of exploratory research for the creation of molecules, the similar product will present a lower cost of acquisition, expanding people’s access to this class of products. It is important to highlight that the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and health institutions from other countries require that, for these products to be approved, the evaluations and tests must be as complex as the original medications, following the same phases.

Blau has been over years developing research and products, as well as has built high technology areas. At this moment, it has just inaugurated its new production areas of Pharmaceutical Inputs (IFA) of raw materials for the production of biotechnological/biological products with more than 3,000 m2 of total area. This new area can be considered as the most modern and one of the largest in Brazil and Latin America.

The company’s purpose with all this investment is to expand the population’s access to this class of products, as well as to reduce our country’s technological dependence and vulnerability in relation to the international market. Thus, seeking to bring health and quality of life to people and expanding the access of the entire population to these highly complex medications.