Blau Farmacêutica



We constantly seek the best practices and conduct our business and relationships - with our employees, clients, third parties and the government - based on transparency, equity, trust, and quality in everything we do.

For this purpose and among other initiatives, we implemented in 2019 the Compliance Department, whose main objective is to work together with other departments to comply with internal rules and applicable laws, meet organizational values, and ensure a proper internal control environment.

The Compliance Department reports to the Audit and Ethics Committee, which is an independent body advising the Board of Directors and responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules, analyzing and coordinating investigations, as well as deciding on the applicable corrective actions and other duties.



Our Code of Ethics and Conduct reflects our mission, vision, values, principles, and it was specially designed to guide our directors, officers, employees and third parties on the expected behavior in face of the most diverse situations faced in our daily business routines.

We know that we are not always faced with easy and clear situations, but our duty is to act with ethics, integrity and transparency, as we all have the responsibility to do the right thing!



Blau Farmacêutica has always conducted its business with honesty, integrity and transparency. For this reason, and sustaining its reputation as a well-known company, a public commitment to zero tolerance for corruption and fraud is essential.

The Anticorruption Policy has been developed to provide instructions and set out an effective management structure to identify critical situations and mitigate risks related to corruption, frauds and improper payments, giving clear responsibilities to managers, employees and third parties, as well as addressing strategies for prevention, detection and response.




Ethics Hotline has been designed to receive good faith reports on irregularities, deviations and violations of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, Anticorruption Policy and other internal rules of Blau and legal rules.

We encourage our managers, employees, third parties and clients to inform us of any concerns so that we can preserve our corporate environment with ethics, integrity, transparency and productivity!

Any information received will be treated with privacy, confidentially and independence.

Ethics Hotline is operated 24/7, including holidays.


The report must have as many details as possible, such as names, positions, dates, values, to finance the proper and thorough verification of the facts mentioned. We have put together a script of questions that can help you. Click here! (Script of Questions)

The reports will be received by an external company and sent to the Compliance Department and the Audit and Ethics Committee (as long as there is no conflict of interest) so that the necessary negotiations are duly investigated and established.

A protocol number will be made available to the whistleblower so that they have access to the status of the ongoing investigation.

It is important to remember that false accusation or untrue information reported in bad faith constitute a violation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

We do not allow discrimination, penalties or retaliation against the whistleblower in good faith. It is also not permitted to apply disciplinary actions even if the report has proved unsubstantiated or unfounded.

Situations that mean or appear to mean retaliation must be immediately reported through the channels made available by the Company. For more details, please see the Policy of the Whistleblower.